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Planning A New House – What To Take Into Consideration?

March 21, 2013

Once you decide to construct a new home, it is essential that you participate in the planning of it, either partially or fully so that the outcome matches your expectations. Basically, there are enormous options when it comes to custom home building, and it is crucial that you take time to perform some research to make sure that you go for the best decision which you will be proud of every time you see your house.

Considerations To Make When Planning A New House


This is all about determining how spacious the house will be, and there are a number of things that you should look into. First, you need to factor in the members of your family since this will significantly influence the number of rooms to have in the house. It is also beneficial to keep future needs in mind for extra space. The design you choose for your house will also be a factor in determining the size of your house.


During the construction of your home, you should be conscious of how your house is located in relation to sun, wind and any splendid views in your neighborhood, for example, a golf course. If possible, plan your house in such a way that the suns hits the back during late hours since this will allow you to enjoy relaxed evenings. It is recommended that you orient the house in such a way that you get the best views from the living room.


This is probably the weightiest consideration to make during custom home building, since it will profoundly influence factors like:

  • The building materials to use
  • The design to choose for your house
  • The labour to hire i.e. professional, skilled or unskilled

Try to turn up with an estimate of how much the whole project will cost, even taking the architect(s) into that figure, and provide some allowances since prices are always subject to fluctuations.

 Other factors to consider during custom home building

You should also consider things like the resale value of the house, in case you decide to dispose anything in the future. Lighting & ventilation, relation of rooms, location of doors and future home improvements (like a deck) are some more examples. By keeping all these in mind during construction, you are more likely to be thoroughly satisfied with the outcome. A home designer will be helpful if you are in doubt of anything, but be keen on reputation.

Article provided by Mike Rosen Homes.

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